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In this fast-paced world, business is done at a rapid speed. Right communication tools are enabling business owners to streamline their business operations from multiple locations and reach out to clients in a convenient manner. There are various mediums of communication and each one of them is being used to send messages and other types of information from one corner of the world to another in a few seconds. One of the best mediums of communication is a business phone system. You must be aware of the fact that the telephone system has been around for decades and it is critical to households and businesses. For obvious reasons the small business telephone system or VOIP phones are vital for the growth of the business, most importantly, it keeps you connected with customers and it allows you to contact colleagues either in an office or across the world.


Today, the BusinessTelephone system has become critical for any business regardless of its size. Whether you are a small or big business you cannot shy away from business telephone systems like VOIP, PBX, and Cloud or hosted PBX for business. If your business is a restaurant, hotel, or office, you need the right telephone system to connect with your people and also customers for better sales and customer services. Suppose your phone system suddenly becomes ineffective, think about the implications it can have on potential client bookings. Take another example; suppose you are a recruitment agency, your day to day operations will include tasks like liaising with professional clients and potential candidates, a poor or ineffective telephone system will have adverse effects on your business as well as your professionalism. Having a hosted PBX service from National Security and Protection (NSP) will eliminate all possible concerns.

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There are many things a business must have and among all these things, is an office phone system is the most important thing. In this business world, people want a way to contact their favorite brands. A telephone number enables customers to reach out to their favorite brand and most importantly, it shows that the brand has a presence beyond the internet. People will start viewing your business more professionally and you can use your business number as a form of advertising. In every type of business, the business telephone system is needed to interact with customers, take orders, generate sales, and provide customer support.

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To beat the competition in the business world, an organization needs an effective business telephone system and as a business owner, you should never compromise with it. Telephone systems have improved with the advancement in technology over the years. Past decade, business telephone systems have become more complicated due to technology and businesses’ demand. If you look at the overall picture of the telephone system, traditional multi-line phone systems have been digitized. PBX systems were once called complex on-premise networks and they have now gone hosted. Virtual / Cloud services providing greater call flexibility to workers at remote locations. The traditional PBX system available on the market comprises a network of equipment and phones, installed and maintained by the company or organization on their own. Your staff can make inbound and outbound calls and incoming calls into the PBX system will be routed to the assigned destination. Running on-premise PBX systems is not an easy task. You need trained employees who can manage the systems and also troubleshoot all issues. Old PBX is too costly for small and medium-sized businesses to maintain and operate.
Hosted PBX or Cloud PBX is a virtual phone system hosted for you by a National Security and Protection (service provider). The best part is that hosted phone service is easy to set up and you can quickly do it, so there is no downtime for your business and you don’t have to bear high installation costs. Most importantly, you can relax and concentrate on your business as your service provider will provide the best service and support. On the other hand, VOIP uses the latest technology and it allows your company or organization to seamlessly connect to various locations domestically as well as globally.



VoIP (voice over internet protocol or voice over IP) works by sending voice calls over the internet to various destinations eliminating the traditional telephone lines to make a call. One important point to note is that VoIP technology allows communication between branch offices or workers in remote stations but it does not eliminate the need for a reliable phone service provider to connect your voice calls to the outside world. With a VoIP phone system in place, users can be at any part of the world and still make or receive a call while retaining the same phone number. If you are looking for a business telephone system like VOIP, PBX, and Cloud or hosted PBX for business, you should visit
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